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Misión, Visión y Valores


Nuestra misión propiciar el crecimiento exponencial de las empresas mediante la dirección de Proyectos de Gestión basados en tecnologías disruptivas y estrategias de Transformación Digital.


Nos proponemos ser referentes mundiales en estrategia empresarial y proyectos de Cambio Organizacional, siendo líderes en la creación de ventajas competitivas.




Cultura del aprendizaje

Mejora continua

Responsabilidad social

Nuestros Principios

1ª) Actúa como si la máxima de tu acción pudiera ser una ley universal. 
2ª) Obra considerando a los demás siempre como un fin y nunca un medio. 
3ª) Procede de forma que tu voluntad pueda considerarse como legisladora universal.

Atrévete a pensar con tu propia mente.

Immanuel Kant

Importancia de nuestra misión

The mission of integrating processes, people, technologies and infrastructure in a company is a very ambitious goal and can be an important objective for those organizations seeking to improve their efficiency and productivity.

In practice, this may mean the implementation of tools and technologies that allow integrated management of business processes, such as the implementation of business management systems (ERP) or process automation (RPA). It can also involve improving communication and collaboration between different departments of the company, as well as training and training staff in new technologies and tools.

Infrastructure integration is also an important aspect of this mission, which means ensuring that IT systems, physical infrastructure, and human resources work together effectively.

The successful integration of processes, people, technologies and infrastructure can help companies improve their efficiency and competitiveness, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this can contribute to the company’s long-term success in its market and industry sector.

Importancia de nuestra visión

The vision of being a reference in management solutions for the excellence of service processes, technically, technologically and in customer focus, is an important goal for any company that seeks to stand out in its sector and stay at the forefront. of business management solutions.

To achieve this vision, it is important that the company maintains a constant focus on the excellence of its service processes, which implies continuous evaluation and improvement of them. Attention to technical and technological details is also essential to ensure that the company offers high-quality and efficient solutions to its customers.

Furthermore, customer focus is essential to achieve this vision, since customers are the reason for any company’s existence. This means putting the customer at the center of all business decisions and working to meet their needs effectively and efficiently.

By achieving this vision, the company can stand out in its sector and become a benchmark in management solutions, which can help increase its market share and business reputation in the long term.

La articulación entre la misión y la visión de nuestra empresa

The mission of integrating processes and people is an important goal for any company that seeks to improve the efficiency and productivity of its operations, as well as the satisfaction and motivation of its staff. By integrating processes and people, the company can ensure that its employees work in a collaborative and coordinated manner to achieve the organization’s objectives.

On the other hand, the vision of dominating the consulting market in Uruguay and Latin America is an ambitious objective that can contribute to positioning the company as a benchmark in its sector and increasing its market share.

To achieve this vision, the company must constantly work on improving its processes and consulting services, as well as developing new solutions and technologies that allow it to stand out in the market.

It is also important that the company maintains a long-term strategic vision and is in tune with market trends and needs, in order to adapt quickly and offer innovative and efficient solutions to its clients.

Ultimately, by achieving its vision, the company can position itself as a leader in its market and consolidate its position in the consulting industry in Uruguay and Latin America, which can contribute to its long-term growth and success.

Purpose of Z&K Consulting Group

At Z&K Consulting Group, our purpose is clear and powerful: to provide strategic and technological solutions that optimize and transform business management.

Our mission

Our mission is to advise companies in the implementation of business strategies, ERP, CRM and WMS systems to achieve unsurpassed operational efficiency.

Our vision

We aspire to be the leading global consulting firm, recognized for its expertise in project management and business technology, setting a standard of excellence in each initiative we undertake.

Core values

  • Excellence: We seek perfection in every detail, with a focus on quality and exceptional results.
  • Innovation: We encourage creativity and disruptive thinking to address challenges with unique solutions.
  • Integrity: Our professional ethics and honesty are the basis of each relationship and project.
  • Collaboration: We work in close partnership with our clients, promoting teamwork and effective communication.

Comparison of Solutions

SolutionKey FeaturesBenefits
Odoo ERPModular integration, customization, scalability.Adaptability to different industries, agility in processes.
SAPExtensive functionality, real-time analysis, robustness.Resource optimization, data-based decision making.
OracleScalability, security, automation.Improved operational efficiency, risk mitigation.

Why choose us

In a competitive market, Z&K Consulting Group stands out:

  • Extensive Experience: More than 3 successful years in the sector, with a team of highly qualified experts.
  • Customized Approach: Each solution is tailored to the unique needs of our clients.
  • Proven Results: Our success stories demonstrate tangib improvement