Accounting is a very delicate subject which must be developed appropriately.
Today, the Accountant’s task has been simplified due to the use of specific accounting programs, which allow them to more easily handle the daily movements and operations of the companies they manage.

Without a doubt,  accounting software  is a great help to manage company accounting, which is implemented in order to  simplify, organize, facilitate and gather accounting tasks and thus provide information for the decision-making  of an organization. The more accurate, faster and more precise this information, the greater the margin of time to introduce new strategies, deviations or decisions making that minimize the risk and thus bring greater profits and fewer losses.

What main characteristics should we take into account when choosing good accounting software?:

1.Ease of use.  They must be easy to handle, so that anyone who does not have adequate knowledge or studies can use and understand them.

2. Flexibility and adaptability.  You must be able to join any type of company, regardless of its activity. It must also be flexible and adaptable to the accounting, tax and corporate regulations of any country or region.

3. Report management.  Accounting software must provide us with infinite reports and detailed reports on the activity of our company and its day-to-day life, making it easier for us to control it, and also providing us with important information about the direction of the company, and situations that we can foresee and make decisions. that we can take thanks to the data obtained.

4. Integration.  Each company carries out various or different activities, which is why each one has different needs, and uses different modules and applications to process and obtain information. The integration capacity of the accounting software will allow us to obtain greater control in different areas of the business, through an automated and centralized system, which allows us to carry out the management, accounting and control task from the same place, increasing the efficiency and speed of work.

5. Portability.  Previously, business management was carried out in endless papers, books and accounting documents. This meant that the information could not be obtained from anywhere and at any time since its access was limited. Accounting software makes information accessible, fast, secure, accurate, and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of the day.

6.Security.  Any system can fail. Everyone is always exposed to risks, whether due to internal or external factors (Cyber ​​Hacks, data loss, connectivity risks and hardware and/or software failures or breakages. That is why the Software must offer maximum security, and good specialized support that allows the application to be in constant operation and use from any device.

Source:  By Sabrina Feinsilber, Director of Administration and Finance, Softland Argentina.