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Diseño del Sistema de Gestión Logística en BITAFAL

Fecha: 2023 | Actualidad
Cliente : BITAFAL
Ubicación : Montevideo
Solución : Consultoría en Logística

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    Logistics Management System Design Project

    Logistics Management System Design Project in BITAFAL


    BITAFAL is a company specialized in providing solutions for road construction in Uruguay. The objective of the project is to establish a Logistics Management System that allows the traceability of raw materials and automated stock control integrated with the Odoo ERP system. This system seeks to effectively and efficiently resolve all of BITAFAL’s critical operations related to the stock used in the production of asphalt.

    Company description

    BITAFAL is a leading company in the road construction sector in Uruguay, with extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of asphalt for infrastructure and road projects. The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years and has expanded its customer base, leading to an increase in demand for its products and services.

    Challenges and problems identified

    1. Lack of traceability in raw materials: The current process of monitoring and traceability of raw materials used in the production of asphalt is not optimal. There is no system to track the origin of materials, which makes it difficult to identify potential quality problems and optimize the supply chain.

    2. Manual and outdated stock control: BITAFAL uses a manual method to manage its raw material inventory. This leads to problems such as lack of real-time information on stock, the generation of untimely orders or the accumulation of unnecessary materials.

    3. Lack of integration with Odoo ERP: BITAFAL uses the Odoo ERP system to manage other areas of its business, but it is not integrated with stock control. This results in duplication of effort, inefficiency, and potential errors in data recording.

    Project objectives

    The main objective of the project is to implement a Logistics Management System that addresses the identified challenges and provides effective solutions for the traceability of raw materials and automated stock control integrated into Odoo ERP. The specific objectives are:

    1. Establish a traceability system that allows tracking the origin and movements of raw materials used in the production of asphalt from its reception to its use.

    2. Implement an automated stock control system that provides real-time information on raw material stocks, inventory levels and alerts to avoid shortages or surpluses.

    3. Integrate the logistics management system with the Odoo ERP system to improve efficiency, avoid duplication of efforts, and ensure data accuracy in all areas of the business.

    4. Optimize critical operations related to the stock of raw materials to guarantee an efficient workflow without bottlenecks that could affect asphalt production.

    Proposed solution

    The project will consist of the selection and implementation of specialized logistics management software that integrates effectively with Odoo ERP. The following stages will be carried out:

    1. Analysis and process survey: An exhaustive analysis of the logistics processes and existing stock control will be carried out to identify areas for improvement and define specific requirements for the new system.

    2. Software selection: Different logistics management software solutions that meet BITAFAL requirements will be evaluated. Integration with Odoo ERP and the ability to provide complete traceability of raw materials will be prioritized.

    3. Customization and implementation: Once the software is selected, the system will be customized and configured according to the company’s needs. Extensive tests will be carried out to ensure correct operation.

    4. Training and adoption: BITAFAL staff will be trained in the use of the new logistics management system. Adoption will be encouraged and ongoing support will be provided to ensure a successful transition.

    5. Monitoring and continuous improvement: Key performance indicators (KPI) will be established to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the new system. Adjustments and improvements will be made continuously to optimize the logistics process.

    Expected results

    The implementation of the Logistics Management System in BITAFAL is expected to produce the following results:

    1. Significant improvement in the traceability of raw materials used in asphalt production, which will allow rapid identification and resolution of quality problems.

    2. Reduction of unused inventory levels and greater efficiency in stock management, avoiding both shortages and surpluses.

    3. Effective integration between the logistics management system and Odoo ERP, which will facilitate the fluidity of information and decision making based on accurate and updated data.

    4. Greater efficiency in BITAFAL’s critical operations, guaranteeing uninterrupted asphalt production and minimizing the risks of bottlenecks.

    5. General improvement in the competitiveness and profitability of the company, by optimizing logistics processes and guaranteeing efficient use of resources.


    The design project of the Logistics Management System at BITAFAL represents an opportunity for the company to improve its critical operations and optimize the management of raw materials in asphalt production. The successful implementation of this solution will provide BITAFAL with a competitive advantage in the market and will contribute to its sustainable growth in the road construction sector in Uruguay.

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